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Integration and 24/7 Support

Do you need to integrate with your gateway or need a secure adult processing gateway of your own? Our accounts integrate with many of the adult high risk payment processing gateways out there and we even offer our own.  

Domestic & International

Are you looking at whether to choose a domestic or international merchant account for your adult website? We have banks in the United States and Europe offering daily or weekly settlements and deposits.  

Increase Your Conversions

Does your business model include free trials and continuity based memberships? Many times, banks do not accept these type of accounts.  Our underwriters and banks always welcome membership websites. 

No Reserve

Are you commonly told you will have a 5-10% rolling reserve for 6 months when you apply elsewhere for an adult credit card processing account? For our adult merchant accounts, we do not require any type of reserve on pre-approved accounts!

"Need a merchant account set up for your adult website? Give us a call!

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